Hackamores and bosals have been long valued by horsemen as an important tool in teaching young colts and producing a quality bridle horse. Each of Whit's hackamores are built on a solid foundation and made with only the finest materials. All of Whit's bosals have rawhide cores.  The rawhide core can be built in various ways to get the exact feel you are after.  All the laces are hand cut and beveled for a smooth feel and a quality braid. Whit can build a hackamore or bosal of any style, color, size or plait so feel free to contact us and get the hackamore that you have always wanted.  

Romel Reins

Romel Reins have been long revered by horsemen all over the world as the finest and most beautiful piece of tack in their arsenal. Romel Reins can be built to suit including size, length, color interweave and tooled poppers.  Whit has three basic designs for Romel Reins:  The Stockman, The Showman, and The Collector Romel Reins.

  • The Stockman romel reins feature an 8 plait rein, 12 plait romel and regular buttons.
  • The Showman romel reins are built with a 12 plait rein, a 16 plait romel and finely braided buttons.
  • The Collector romel reins are made of a 16 plait rein, 20 plait romel and extra finely braided buttons.

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